Lumpex people

What we love, what we dream about, why are we here



The owner of Lumpex

One of the main originators

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A creative brain, an artist in full swing, an actress

One of the main originators

Responsible for sections : among others: theater, creative, film


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The youngest and wisest member of our team

Responsible for the ecological and climate, poetry and creative sections


The artist



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Final year student of Psychology in London

Responsible for sociological columns, translations, interviews and more


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Lumpex's music, film and economic brain

Responsible for music, film and lumpex sections

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In addition to curly hair, he is distinguished by his photographic talent

Responsible for photo shoots and creative ideas


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A passionate graphic designer

Responsible for graphics and a dose of creativity

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She complements the lumpex team with her sensitivity and innovation

Responsible for styling, poetry, written forms and unconventional ideas

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A student of Romance studies at Oxford University by day, and an enthusiast of second-hand clothes and fashion at night

Responsible for translations, article X, 

After dark - model


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