Szymon Bereziński

In addition to curly hair, he is distinguished by his photographic talent

Responsible for photo shoots and creative ideas

I come from Częstochowa, a city that has shaped my aesthetics to a large extent.

After meeting various forms of art such as dance, music and photography, I stopped at the latter. It is the only one that gives me full power and thanks to it I can spread my wings.


I love ..

..when time passes and I see more and more. I love people with whom I can be sad and people who are not afraid to show me a part of themselves. I love hanging out without social media. I love walking around the house naked. I love silence in the woods and good DJs in clubs.


I dream that ...

.. there would be no barriers between us. I would like to leave the bags, folders and drawers in the attic, lock it and think of it as a past.


Why are we here?

To show the true freedom that we have inside, buried deep, waiting for someone to reach for it.