Natalia Walaszczyk

A creative brain, an artist in full swing, an actress

One of the main originators

Responsible for the sections, among others: theater, creative, film

I was born in Częstochowa. There, I was brought up in the awareness of art and made it through the first years of my education. For many factors, I was encouraged to be active on stage and in the film. In it I saw a certain plan of my own, with a difficult but also beautiful road which I am still on. Currently, I am studying Acting in Bialystok.  My point of view was shaped by traveling and talking to people.


I love


... to watch people. What determines them. Observe through the works they write, the music and the words they say.


I dream about


... encouraging you to share your culture with everyone around you. I feel that it binds people together and deforms divisions.


Why are we here?


Because we want to share our thoughts and desires with you. Show that art is not only commensurate with high culture, but also covers the entire human dimension.