Laura Korzekwińska

She complements the lumpex team with her sensitivity and innovation, responsible for styling, poetry, written forms and unconventional ideas

Twenty years ago I came to the small world of Czestochowa, where I spent 18 years of my life, grew up, built my maturity and mentality, and undoubtedly I became emotionally connected with this place, experiencing the first big and small, destructive and creative moments of my life. All this prepared me to develop in Krakow during my studies, but also showed that by wandering you can find more than by searching, because I am still looking for my place in the world. I am grateful because it was in the Czestochowa world that I won the hearts of the greatest people who now fill my life and thanks to that I have the pleasure to create a piece of Lumpex.


I love ...

To overcome boundaries, impossible to cross in my subconscious, become stronger thanks to it, listen to people who need it, thus become richer with this knowledge and paint the world with their words, to be aware that everyone looks at the world in a unique way, through my own prism and be able to appreciate the Eyes of Every human being, (because?) it is beautiful, because really then and mainly then I feel an amazing surge of energy from people. That's why I love them and love to learn to love them.


I dream to ...

Sometimes disappear for a moment and get away from the hustle and bustle, or from the overwhelming silence, but the most important thing is to see the good in people first and fulfill them with only positive energy - never, nothing else, live happily and have the opportunity to enjoy satisfaction throughout my life. Share this good energy. So that I can die every day and be born again every next.


Why are we here?

When I look at our Team, I see everyone together - unique and each individually - unique, it carries a lot of good, one of a kind and it is this uniqueness of looking at the world and art that we want to share, we want to bring others together, minimizing divisions, so that various aspects of the total 'busy' doing something together, creating something in common, creating art together in the surrounding world, catching good with people and broadening it for people.