Kuba Kolmasiak

A passionate graphic designer

Responsible for graphics and a dose of creativity

From the very beginning, I was brought up in a very technical-manual family, which meant that my view of art and artistry was down to earth. My adventure with graphics began with learning to draw and slowly evolved into purely functional graphics.
I am interested in architecture and the application of art in everyday life. I am excited by the contemporary music market and its changes over the years, especially when it comes to the needs of the market and the Internet.


I love

...To Spend evenings improving my graphic skills, sipping tea with quince syrup and reflecting on the day gone by. I also love to travel and plan newer, spontaneous trips that will help me broaden my horizons and just cut myself off for a while.


I dream that

... Young people would see each other more and that they would not be afraid to take action. So that the world is not closed to each other, and the opportunity to learn something new is not only an attribute of social status.


Why are we here?

Because we want to believe that individuals are able to push others to action. Because we want to be able to show our point of view to other generations.