Julia Kuraś

Final year student of Psychology in London

Responsible for sociological columns, translations, interviews and substantive sections

I was born over twenty years ago in Częstochowa and it is in the vicinity of this city that I spent most of my life. After graduating from high school, I decided to go to London, where I am currently starting my third year of psychology studies. What fascinates me most in psychology is its ubiquity and close connection with all forms of art. I love talking to people and trying to understand their perception of the reality around us.


I love

… Moments where I am fully aware of the present moment. When I know I can see and feel more. When I enjoy the smallest things that I usually don't pay attention to. When I go on some mental journey that unexpectedly gives me a lot of fun. Besides, those videos of little goats chasing other little goats.


I dream about 

... people trying harder to understand the other person. That our natural reflex was to help, and not to categorize and evaluate. That we would be more understanding - for others, but also for ourselves. So that we finally understand how much we can learn from others.


Why are we here?

We want to share our thoughts, ideas and insights. We hope that we will be able to convey to you at least a little bit of positive energy and youthful enthusiasm.