Basia Głębocka


The owner of Lumpex

One of the main originators

I was born no too long ago in a city that strongly promotes the stereotypical view of the world. It aroused a kind of rebellion in me against that situation and I found help in all kinds of art. I discovered then how much you can show and change through music, film and many other forms of artistic expression. At the age of 16, I moved to Wrocław to spread my wings and learn responsibility. After Wrocław, I emigrated to my (mentally) second homeland - Scotland - from where, after a few months, I moved to London, where I spent the last two years of my life. Observing how it was there, made me realize how much needs to be changed in Poland in the context of tolerance, access to testing for sexually transmitted diseases and the general topic of "taboo". I came back because of the pandemic, but I will never regret this decision, because right now I am rediscovering my Polish identity and the need for strong changes in our country. Personally, I think it's time for change, time for the young generation to gain a voice.




... To observe how the short stories written by me get the light of day in the form of my later short films. I love art in a broad sense. I believe that it brings out in us the sensitivity that is so much hidden nowadays. I love walking in the fall rain (though it sounds melancholic). Most of all, however, I love our world, the nature that surrounds us, animals without which we would not be able to exist and us - PEOPLE.




… That people would have learned the authenticity and discovered its beauty. That, through Lumpex, we can show how important and wonderful it is to live in harmony with nature and highlight the disadvantages of consumerism. It may sound a bit like a Miss Country X candidate speech, but I wish I could openly say that I feel proud living in a time when people are starting to be more aware and changing for the better.




Because we are fed up with adjusting to the norms of society. Because we want to show that it can be done differently and at the same time provide space for your own expression, for everyone who wants it. Because we believe that the young generation has great potential and strength to fight. Because we want to do what we love and make it possible for others.